How do I organize my conversations with prefixes?


How do I delete a conversation?

To remove a conversation from your inbox, click the Leave Conversation link at the top of the conversation.


You can leave multiple conversations at once by selecting them in your inbox and choosing Leave Conversations from the popup menu.


Leaving a conversation will remove it from your inbox, but other participants will still be able to view the conversation. You can choose whether to receive further messages:


What is a convo?

A 'convo' is just a shorter term for conversation. It can be a noun or a verb.

How do I cancel my inbox upgrade?

Inbox upgrades are recurring, which means you will be billed for them every year unless you cancel. To do this, you will need to cancel the recurring subscription in your Paypal account.

This will not affect your current year of upgrades, it just means that your upgrade will not auto-renew after a year.

Can I search my conversations?

You cannot search for keywords in conversations.

However, you can show messages sent or received by a specific member in the Conversation Display Options at the bottom of the conversations list.


How are conversations different from private messages?

A conversation is more like a private thread; all back-and-forth communication takes place on one page. You can start a conversation with multiple participants and all of them will be able to read the full conversation. When you start a conversation, there is an option to allow others to invite people in. A conversation can include up to five participants.

You can also lock a conversation so that no one else can post in it. You may want to do this if you are sending a message to multiple people, but don't want to start a big group conversation. For example, you might contact members of a group order for their addresses, but you want each person to respond to you privately.

One notable difference is that the conversation search box only allows you to search for usernames, not keywords.

How do I invite more people into a conversation?

If you are able to invite more participants into a conversation, there will be an Invite More link in the sidebar.


You can invite more people into conversations you have started, or in those where the conversation starter has ticked the box to allow it.


If you are starting a conversation and do not want the recipient(s) to invite others in, do not tick this option.

How do I report a conversation?

Go to the message you want to report and click the triangle icon with an exclamation point:


How long are conversations stored on DoA?

Currently, we store conversations for ten years. This may change in the future, so we recommend that you periodically save your inbox messages to your computer.

How can I save my conversations to my computer?

To export all conversations, click Conversation Tools and Export all.


You will have three options to save your conversations:
• Text: This is a plain text file you can open in Notepad or Textedit.
• HTML: This lets you view your messages in a web browser.
• XML: This lets you view your messages in database software such as Excel.

To choose specific conversations to export, tick the box beside them and choose Export from the dropdown menu:


To export a single conversation, go to the conversation and choose your preferred format from the Export Conversation area at the bottom of the sidebar:


What does locking a conversation do?

When you start a conversation, there is an option to lock it:


This means that no one can respond to your conversation.

A case when you might use this is if you are organizing a group order and want to let everyone know their items have arrived. You will want each person to contact you individually with their address, rather than start a group conversation where everyone can see each other's information.

You cannot lock a conversation after it has been started.

How do I receive emails for conversation replies?

Click Contact Details in your user menu, which you see when you hover over your username in the top bar.

Tick the box for 'Receive email when a new conversation message is received.'

Can I email a member instead of starting a conversation?

No, it is not possible to email a member directly.

Can I send a read receipt to be alerted when the conversation is read?

No, you cannot receive an alert when a conversation is read.

However, you can always see the last time a participant has looked at a conversation by looking at the Conversation Participants sidebar block.
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