1. It has come to the attention of forum staff that Dollshe Craft has ceased communications with dealers and customers, has failed to provide promised refunds for the excessive waits, and now has wait times surpassing 5 years in some cases. Forum staff are also concerned as there are claims being put forth that Dollshe plans to close down their doll making company. Due to the instability of the company, the lack of communication, the lack of promised refunds, and the wait times now surpassing 5 years, we strongly urge members to research the current state of this company very carefully and thoroughly before deciding to place an order. For more information please see the Dollshe waiting room. Do not assume this cannot happen to you or that your order will be different.
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  2. Dollshe Craft and all dolls created by Dollshe, including any dolls created under his new or future companies, including Club Coco BJD are now banned from Den of Angels. Dollshe and the sculptor may not advertise his products on this forum. Sales may not be discussed, no news threads may be posted regarding new releases. This ban does not impact any dolls by Dollshe ordered by November 8, 2023. Any dolls ordered after November 8, 2023, regardless of the date the sculpt was released, are banned from this forum as are any dolls released under his new or future companies including but not limited to Club Coco BJD. This ban does not apply to other company dolls cast by Dollshe as part of a casting agreement between him and the actual sculpt or company and those dolls may still be discussed on the forum. Please come to Ask the Moderators if you have any questions.
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General FAQs about Den of Angels

What is the difference between off-topic dolls and banned dolls?

Off-topic dolls may not be bought or sold on DoA, but they may be discussed or pictured in context with other on-topic dolls.

Banned dolls may not be shown or mentioned on Den of Angels at all.

How do I join Den of Angels? How long does the process take?

Click the Sign Up button in the upper right corner. Fill out the application form. Because DOA is solely an English-language forum, all questions must be completed in understandable, relevant English, to confirm ability in the language. Applications with blank required answer fields, or non-English/random-character answers will be rejected.

Additionally, user names cannot have non-English or non-English-keyboard (including ASCII) characters.

If you were a member previously, please include as much information as you remember about your DoA account, or contact us via email at [email protected]. We will let you know if your old account is still in our database.

All applications are manually reviewed and activated by a moderator, so finalization could take hours or a couple of days if the number of applications is high. We appreciate your patience! You will not be able to see many sections of the forum, be able to edit your profile, or be able to post until your account has been activated. Activation will generate a Welcome email containing useful links and information for new members.

How do bannings and suspensions work? (Marketplace and site bans)

What's the difference between a ban and a suspension?
A suspension lasts for a set term, with a maximum of six months.
A ban lasts indefinitely and is usually permanent.

Den of Angels bans and suspensions

Members may receive a ban or suspension for:
  • flaming or flamebaiting
  • harassing members via conversations
  • marketplace dishonesty
  • repeatedly breaking the rules
  • posting blatantly inappropriate content
  • sharing an account or creating multiple accounts
Den of Angels may ban members do not follow our recast policy.

If you are suspended or banned, you may send an appeal to [email protected].

If you are caught sneaking back onto the forum, your new account will be banned also.

We do not list who has been banned or for what reasons. In cases of dishonesty, we recommend checking Problem Transactions and keeping up-to-date with warnings of known scammers.

Marketplace bans and suspensions
Members may receive a marketplace ban or suspension for:
  • problematic Marketplace transactions
  • breaking Marketplace rules
  • buying or selling outside the Marketplace

For problematic Marketplace transactions, a Marketplace ban may be lifted after all outstanding transactions are resolved. However, in most cases, the ban will be permanent. In very serious cases, a Marketplace ban will turn into a site-wide ban.

What happens if I receive a Marketplace ban or suspension?
When you receive a Marketplace ban or suspension, the shopping areas of the Marketplace will be invisible to you. Your sales and WTB threads are removed; your in-progress splits or group orders may stay, at the mods’ discretion.

A Marketplace ban or suspension means that you may not:
  • buy or sell items anywhere on Den of Angels
  • commission another member or accept commissions
  • share or create an account to get around the ban/suspension

If you receive a Marketplace ban or suspension, it’s OK to:
  • participate anywhere on the forum except the Marketplace
  • leave feedback for previous transactions
  • complete and resolve any current transactions
  • ask a moderator to send info from your split or group order thread

Once the time is up, post in Ask the Moderators to have your suspension lifted.

Is an invitation required to join Den of Angels?

Anyone can join Den of Angels – registration is open and invitations are no longer needed. Tell your friends that they can sign up here:

Sign up | Den of Angels

Can I change my username or create another account?

Members are only allowed to have one account. There are no exceptions. Community safety is built heavily on reputation and member feedback, therefore users who share an account or create multiple accounts will be banned.

If more than one account accesses Den of Angels from your IP, we recommend that you post in the Ask the Moderators to let us know that you are separate people.

For the same reason, we do not allow name changes. We suggest that you choose a username that is not time or trend based. It might be embarrassing to you two years down the road to have "JustinBieber4ever" as your username.

Specifically, we do not allow name changes based on disliking or outgrowing your username, wanting a consistent username across multiple sites, or changing your name legally in real life. If you want people to call you something else, we recommend updating the user title under your avatar to your preferred name.

Why is my post count changing?

You may notice that your post count does not always go steadily upwards. This happens for a few reasons.

First, there are certain areas of the forum where posts do not count toward your total post count (i.e. Games, Introductions, Newbieland). No matter how much you post there, your post count will not increase.

Next, there are areas that are routinely pruned. For example, the Marketplace is frequently purged of sold items, threads are removed from the galleries occasionally when the image links no longer work, and threads are deleted from Doll Arrivals! after three months of inactivity.

If you already have marketplace access, and are an active member, dipping below the required number of posts will not affect your access level. The only way that you can lose access is if an administrator changes it manually.

Where do I post...?

Before posting, please use the Search to make sure that your question has not been answered already. We encourage members to bump old threads rather than starting duplicates.

Some common questions

  • Where should I post to ask what sculpt I should choose for my original character?
    Threads about choosing a doll go in Visual Concepts.
  • Where can I ask for feedback about a particular company?
    We have a whole area for company reviews! Please do a quick search to see if the company you're looking for has a feedback thread.
  • I want to see pictures of a particular sculpt.
    Check out the BJD database to see how other members have customized their dolls. If you'd like to see more, or you'd like to see a particular combination of dolls or accessories, do a search in Photo Reference. If your request isn't there, make a new thread to ask.
  • I want to buy or sell a doll.
    If you have met the marketplace access requirements, you can buy and sell dolls in our extensive Marketplace. If you have not yet met these requirements, you may not solicit or engage in any transactions anywhere on Den of Angels. Advertising or soliciting sales outside of the Marketplace may lead to disciplinary action.
  • I'm sculpting a doll and I want to share my progress.
    If you want to talk about doll making or share your in-progress work, visit the Making a BJD forum.

Why was my post deleted?

There are several reasons why your post may have been deleted:

  • You posted chat in a non-chat area. The News forum and BJD Databases are information only, rather than chat-based. Discussion of doll events goes in Conventions and Events, and discussion of new releases belongs in the appropriate size-specific discussion area.The BJD Databases are for posting pictures and profiles of your dolls; all profiles must contain pictures.

  • Your post was off-topic. Posts that have nothing to do with ball-jointed dolls will be deleted.

  • Your post was inappropriate. Flaming and flamebaiting are not tolerated. Additionally, we do not allow posting of adult material.

If your post is deleted, please do not assume that you are "in trouble." If there is a problem, you will be notified by a moderator.

If this does not answer your question, or if you have a specific instance of a post removal that you have questions about, please post in Ask the Moderators.

How can I meet people?

Meeting People

To find other local doll owners, check Meetups to see if there are any meetups happening in your area. This section is only visible to registered users.

Another great way to meet people is to simply comment on their gallery posts and respond in conversation. Contact someone you'd like to get to know better!

Who can help me?

Most problems with your account will need to be handled by forum staff. Please post in the private Ask the Moderators area rather than making an open post about account-related issues. This includes:
  • questions about rules and forum use
  • account and registration problems
  • forum access issues
  • problems with other members (harassment, Marketplace issues)
  • moving/merging/deleting threads and posts
  • removing polls from threads

Questions posted in Ask the Moderators can only be read by you and Den of Angels staff. A moderator will answer your question as soon as possible.

Moderators can be identified by the banner displayed beneath their names.

Active Moderators (also known as Seraphim and Cherubim) can help in Ask the Moderators.

Inactive Moderators help with daily maintenance, participate in staff discussions, and help implement rule changes and forum design. However, they do not help with member problems or actively moderate discussion threads. Please do not contact inactive moderators about issues that do not relate personally to them.

In general, it is best to post in the Ask the Moderators subforum for quicker assistance.

What are the limits for profanity, violence, and adult content?

Den of Angels is a 13+ forum.

We do have profanity filters in place, but they are fairly limited and mostly limited to racial slurs and the strongest of the 4-letter words. Though we do not block many words, we ask that members use maturity and taste in their use of profanity.

We do not allow highly sexualized images or excessive gore. Certain sensitive topics (i.e. rape, incest, pedophilia, torture) are not allowed in images or textual content, including comments made to the original post. Please keep dark backstories vague.

There is no concrete list of things that are allowed or disallowed; please use your common sense. If you feel that something you're considering posting may be a bit too much, feel free to post in the Ask the Moderators subforum to get approval. Offensive or inappropriate posts/threads that are reported by other members may be removed; any post/thread may be removed by a moderator at any time, for any reason, at their discretion.
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