1. Please check the announcement in the DOA News section. Broken links to TinyPic were noticed over the weekend, and today we confirmed they've been shutting down over the last month. Since a lot of people appear to have pictures there, be aware that Monday, 9/16/19 appears to be the last day to download your photos.
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How do I join Den of Angels? How long does the process take?

Click the Sign Up button in the upper right corner. Fill out the application form. Because DOA is solely an English-language forum, all questions must be completed in understandable, relevant English, to confirm ability in the language. Applications with blank required answer fields, or non-English/random-character answers will be rejected.

Additionally, user names cannot have non-English or non-English-keyboard (including ASCII) characters.

If you were a member previously, please include as much information as you remember about your DoA account, or contact us via email at denofangels@gmail.com. We will let you know if your old account is still in our database.

All applications are manually reviewed and activated by a moderator, so finalization could take hours or a couple of days if the number of applications is high. We appreciate your patience! You will not be able to see many sections of the forum, be able to edit your profile, or be able to post until your account has been activated. Activation will generate a Welcome email containing useful links and information for new members.
Oct 11, 2015
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