Where do I post...?

Before posting, please use the Search to make sure that your question has not been answered already. We encourage members to bump old threads rather than starting duplicates.

Some common questions

  • Where should I post to ask what sculpt I should choose for my original character?
    Threads about choosing a doll go in Visual Concepts.
  • Where can I ask for feedback about a particular company?
    We have a whole area for company reviews! Please do a quick search to see if the company you're looking for has a feedback thread.
  • I want to see pictures of a particular sculpt.
    Check out the BJD database to see how other members have customized their dolls. If you'd like to see more, or you'd like to see a particular combination of dolls or accessories, do a search in Photo Reference. If your request isn't there, make a new thread to ask.
  • I want to buy or sell a doll.
    If you have met the marketplace access requirements, you can buy and sell dolls in our extensive Marketplace. If you have not yet met these requirements, you may not solicit or engage in any transactions anywhere on Den of Angels. Advertising or soliciting sales outside of the Marketplace may lead to disciplinary action.
  • I'm sculpting a doll and I want to share my progress.
    We do not have a place for original sculpts to be shown. However, we recommend The Joint as a BJD-sculpting resource.
Oct 11, 2015
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