How do bannings and suspensions work? (Marketplace and site bans)

What's the difference between a ban and a suspension?
A suspension lasts for a set term, with a maximum of six months.
A ban lasts indefinitely and is usually permanent.

Den of Angels bans and suspensions

Members may receive a ban or suspension for:
  • flaming or flamebaiting
  • harassing members via conversations
  • marketplace dishonesty
  • repeatedly breaking the rules
  • posting blatantly inappropriate content
  • sharing an account or creating multiple accounts
Den of Angels may ban members do not follow our recast policy.

If you are suspended or banned, you may send an appeal to [email protected].

If you are caught sneaking back onto the forum, your new account will be banned also.

We do not list who has been banned or for what reasons. In cases of dishonesty, we recommend checking Problem Transactions and keeping up-to-date with warnings of known scammers.

Marketplace bans and suspensions
Members may receive a marketplace ban or suspension for:
  • problematic Marketplace transactions
  • breaking Marketplace rules
  • buying or selling outside the Marketplace

For problematic Marketplace transactions, a Marketplace ban may be lifted after all outstanding transactions are resolved. However, in most cases, the ban will be permanent. In very serious cases, a Marketplace ban will turn into a site-wide ban.

What happens if I receive a Marketplace ban or suspension?
When you receive a Marketplace ban or suspension, the shopping areas of the Marketplace will be invisible to you. Your sales and WTB threads are removed; your in-progress splits or group orders may stay, at the mods’ discretion.

A Marketplace ban or suspension means that you may not:
  • buy or sell items anywhere on Den of Angels
  • commission another member or accept commissions
  • share or create an account to get around the ban/suspension

If you receive a Marketplace ban or suspension, it’s OK to:
  • participate anywhere on the forum except the Marketplace
  • leave feedback for previous transactions
  • complete and resolve any current transactions
  • ask a moderator to send info from your split or group order thread

Once the time is up, post in Ask the Moderators to have your suspension lifted.
Oct 11, 2015
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