My doll has been sold or is on layaway. What should I do now?

Once you have found a buyer for your doll, either through an immediate sale, a hold or a layaway, it is time to move your thread to the Sold Dolls Archive! Please edit the prefix of your thread from FS to Finished so that the Moderators can move it accordingly. To do this, please click "Thread Tools", then "Edit Thread." After you have changed your prefix to Finished, click "Save Changes."

Do not edit the title of your thread after it is finished. Please only change the prefix to Finished. Your sales thread will be moved to the Sold Dolls Archive for reference and will still be visible to your buyer and to other members for a minimum of six months. Altering the content of your sales thread after a sale has been made may result in disciplinary action.
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Oct 11, 2015
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