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When you create a new page for a doll company, please follow these guidelines to try to standardize the format. You don't need to include every item listed here – feel free to start an entry off with basic information, because people can always add to it.

Adding a dollmaker to the list

If you see a red link that doesn't have any information entered for it, you can enter your own. If you want to add a new link, for example to the list of Dollmakers, use this code:

* [[New addition]]

An asterisk creates a new bullet point and any text contained in double brackets becomes a link. You can make headings and subheadings by surrounding the title with equal signs:

==This will become a heading==
===This will become a subheading===

You only need to capitalize the first word of a heading, unless it's a proper noun.

See the Help:Formatting page for more wiki code that you can use.

The doll company page

Here are some things to include on the doll company page, if relevant:

  • A general description that describes the style and unique features of the company as a whole. If possible, include information about the sculptors and company history.
  • Links to the dollmaker's website and to any distributors that carry its dolls.
  • Any other interesting information, history, or exciting things that others might find interesting!

The doll line page

Here are some things to include on the doll line page, if relevant:

  • Doll maker
  • A brief description of the doll line that includes some of their unique characteristics, such as
    • Facial style
    • Body style (double/single jointed, mature/immature, realistic/stylized)
    • Approximate height
    • Resin type (French resin/opaque urethane)
    • Colors offered (tan/white/normal/blue skin)
  • A list and link of all specific sculpts belonging to that line (i.e. For Dream of Child: Too, Bee-a, Hoo, Wi, etc.)
  • A table of measurements
  • A list of compatible hybrids
  • Changes or improvements to the line since it was released (such as changing to double joints)
  • A link back to the company page

The sculpt page

In the title of the page, please include at least the company name since there are so many companies with overlapping sculpt names, having a page simply called "Shushu" is not going to be very helpful.

Using this code: [[Sculpt page title | sculpt name]] will allow you to link to the correct page without changing the wording in your description.

Here are some things to include on the doll sculpt page, if relevant:

  • Doll maker and doll line
  • Sculptor
  • Release date
  • Eye and wig size
  • Specific items that accompanied the doll (such as the outfit of a limited edition doll, paperwork, etc.)
  • Special markings, such as a mould number in the headcap or other identifying marks
  • A link back to the company/doll line pages.