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Super Dollfie Cute (or SDC) is one of the more recent lines of BJDs introduced by Volks, starting in 2004 with the release of SDC Kaede at Dolpa 11. All SDCs have been limited releases; Kaede was a pre-order, not a lottery doll.












The SDC line is both similar to the MSD line in height (42-44cm)[1] and different from the MSD line in that the SDC body has a more mature figure. SDC girl bodies have an hourglass figure with a small (Kurenai) or medium bust.

SDC bodies are also double jointed in the torso, elbows, and (in the boys) knees. SDC girl bodies have suwarikko legs, allowing them to sit more comfortably, while SDC boy bodies have a swivel thigh joint which allows them to sit cross-legged. The newer versions of the girl body, starting with Mina and May, introduce a shoulder locking mechanism that helps hold arm poses. Though they are well-engineered, the girls have a tendency to be kicky unless strung tightly and sueded or equipped with KIPS. Wiring in the knees and elbows helps also. MSD/SDM and SDC body parts are generally not interchangeable, expect for the the SDC/MSD/SDM boy hands, although it is possible for the heads to be exchanged.[2] They do tend to look a bit small on the body however as the SDC heads are typically 6-7" heads, while MSDs are 7-8".

SDC: Arashi (boy)

  • Height: 17¼"
  • head circ.: 7½"
  • Neck circ.: 3¼"
  • Shoulders: 4"
  • Chest: 7¼"
  • Waist: 5¾"
  • Hips: 7½"
  • Waist to crotch: 2½"
  • Shoulders to waist: 3½"
  • Arm length: 5"
  • Arm circ.: 2½"
  • Wrist circ. : 2¼"
  • Leg length (Inseam): 8"
  • Thigh circ.: 4¼"
  • Ankle circ.: 2¾"
  • Foot length: 2¼"

SDC Kurenai (s-bust)

  • Height: 16½"
  • Eyes: 16 mm
  • Neck: 3¼"
  • Front shoulder width: 2⅛"
  • Back shoulder width: 2⅜" 
  • Bust: 6¾"
  • Waist: 5½"
  • Hip: 7½" 
  • Bicep: 2½"
  • Elbow: 2½" 
  • Elbow flexed: 3" 
  • Thigh: 4⅜"
  • Knee: 3" 
  • Knee flexed: 4½" 
  • Ankle 2½" 
  • Heel: 3½" (around heel & front of foot with foot pointed) 
  • Neck to bust point: 1¾" 
  • Bust point to bust point: 1½"
  • Neck to waist: 3½"
  • Back neck to floor: 14"
  • Front neck to floor: 13¾"
  • Hip to Floor: 10"
  • Inseam: 8½"
  • Girth: 13¼" 
  • Shoulder to Elbow: 2½"
  • Shoulder to Wrist: 4¾"
  • Shoulder to Wrist, Bent: 5⅜"
  • Mid-back Neck to Wrist: 7"
  • Wig: 7"

Compatible items

Option Hands and Feet

All SDC dolls have "One Touch System" to make it easier to swap out hands and feet. However, option hands are hard to come by and can usually only be found second-hand. H-01 (middle and ring finger touching) are the default hands for Kaede, Ren, Sora, and Gretel. H-02 (fingers splayed) are the default for Kurenai. H-03 (fist/rock/gripping) are the default for SwD Kaede, Renee, and Renee the Black Cat. H-04 (peace sign) and H-05 (boy hand holding a girl hand) have only been offered to owners of Sora, Toki, Mina, May, and Renee the Black Cat. The only other way to get option hands is on the second-hand market.

Volks MSD and SDM hands are too big for SDC boys and girls.

Other companies that are compatible: Illusion Spirit is a good match for boys. Dikadoll normal yellow is a good match for girls, and Luts Kid Delf boy hands are a good fit for SDC girls.

Volks MSD tabi/geta feet are compatible with SDC. Luts Kid Delf feet are a bit large but can work.


Though Volks claims SDC and YoSD share the same size wig (6-7), SDC heads are noticably bigger. Some dolls (Kurenai, Arashi) even have trouble default wigs that are a bit too small. Stretchy 6-7 wigs usually fit, and 7-8 wigs fit well if using a silicone wig cap or Velcro to keep it from slipping off. SDC boys and SDC girl Ren especially need size 7-8 wigs.


The SDC line can generally wear all Volks clothes marketed for the MSD line and some clothes for the Mini Dollfie Dream (MDD) line. With SDC boys you should double check that MSD pants are long enough.

Although SDC girl bodies are more mature than MSDs, they are also slightly slimmer, however, they are not as slim mini dolls as minis such as Fairyland MiniFee, Lati Blue, Lusis and Sist and care should be taken when buying clothes intended for these slimmer minis for your SDC. Clothing specifically made to fit these slimmer minis is unlikely to fit SDCs.

SDC boys can fit Tonner fashion doll Tyler's boyfriend Matt clothes except for shoes, socks and hat. Cuffs on sleeves may not close. Shoulders in jacket might need a little extra padding.

Brands known to fit SDC boys well:

  • DoD long-legged boys
  • Tonner Matt O'Neill suits (arms and legs may be a bit short)
  • Luts Kid Delf

Brands known to fit SDC girls well:


The following MSD shoes can fit SDC boys and girls;