I am having a bad Marketplace transaction โ€“ What can I do?

Most of our members are honest, nice people. However, occasionally we do have problems with scammers or members who are acting irresponsibly. For legal reasons, the moderators cannot become involved in Marketplace transactions.

However, you as a member can take several steps to take the situation into your own hands. The first thing to do is contact the buyer or seller with whom you are having a problem. If you cannot resolve the problem or the other member does not respond to your Conversation within a reasonable amount of time, post a thread in the Problem Transactions subforum. Detail your situation, and invite the other person to dialogue with you publicly.

If it is an especially serious situation, post in Ask the Moderators with a link to your thread so that we can monitor the situation and determine if the other member should have any of their forum or Marketplace privileges removed.

Before you enter into a transaction, it is best to check the Feedback forum to find out the reputation of the person you're dealing with. Some other red flags to mind are if the member has a "Being Paged!" or "Marketplace Banned!" notice under their avatar.

Please keep in mind that once posted, feedback can not be edited. For this reason, it is important to think before posting! Take a deep breath and be as clear as possible, and try to make sure that you're not jumping the gun to call someone a bad buyer or seller. Please read the feedback rules for more information on leaving feedback.

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Oct 11, 2015
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