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This page discusses the dimensions of dolls using comparisons of height and scale.

Larger-than-1/3 scale dolls

These are fairly unusual, so they tend to be specifically named by type (for example, a Dollmore Trinity or a Spirit Doll Dolce), rather than having a general label. Here on DoA, their discussion threads and such are in with the 1/3 dolls.

1/3 scale large dolls

This covers pretty much everything from 70+cm to 55cm. The "in-between" sizes can be anywhere from 60-62cm to closer to 65cm. There's a lot of variation in height and build here, especially on the upper end of the scale where you have everything from hulking muscle-men to bean-pole scarecrows. This scale is where most of the complication tends to set in. Having measurements is very, very helpful when it comes to shopping for these guys and gals.

1/4 scale dolls

These are the "minis." They're usually in the 35-45cm range and come in a few of general types:

  • classic style with fairly child-like bodies (for example, Volks MSD)
  • mature minis with bodies more like teens or young adults (for example, Fairyland MiniFee)
  • adult, fashion doll types (for example, Fairyland ChicLine).

You really have to pay attention to which body type an item is made to fit when you're buying for these dolls, because what will fit a Fairyland MiniFee may not work on a Volks MSD or a Fairyland ChicLine.

1/6 scale dolls

These are are the "tinies". They're 20-30cm and pretty child-like, typically. (Volks YoSD are the archetypical example here, but Fairyland LittleFee and Soom Teenie Gem are also in that category). There are less child-like tinies available, but they're unusual enough that things sized for them are typically labeled specifically.

1/12 scale dolls

These can either be tossed in with the tinies or called "micros". These guys are the *really* little dolls, with most coming in under 15cm; for example, Fairyland PukiFee, Naripon, and Banji. Again, there's a lot of variation in height and build, so if you're shopping for one you have to be specific; for example, an 11cm Banji cannot share his wardrobe with a 6cm Piko.

Related Information

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  • Search the [Photo Reference forum] for size comparison photos; if none exists for the doll(s) you are interested in, start a new thread to request it