1. Please check the announcement in the DOA News section. Broken links to TinyPic were noticed over the weekend, and today we confirmed they've been shutting down over the last month. Since a lot of people appear to have pictures there, be aware that Monday, 9/16/19 appears to be the last day to download your photos.
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Frequently Asked Questions

I am having a bad Marketplace transaction – What can I do?

Most of our members are honest, nice people. However, occasionally we do have problems with scammers or members who are acting irresponsibly. For legal reasons, the moderators cannot become involved in Marketplace transactions.

However, you as a member can take several steps to take the situation into your own hands. The first thing to do is contact the buyer or seller with whom you are having a problem. If you cannot resolve the problem or the other member does not respond to your Conversation within a reasonable amount of time, post a thread in the Problem Transactions subforum. Detail your situation, and invite the other person to dialogue with you publicly.

If it is an especially serious situation, post in Ask the Moderators with a link to your thread so that we can monitor the situation and determine if the other member should have any of their forum or Marketplace privileges removed.

Before you enter into a transaction, it is best to check the Feedback forum to find out the reputation of the person you're dealing with. Some other red flags to mind are if the member has a "Being Paged!" or "Marketplace Banned!" notice under their avatar.

Please keep in mind that once posted, feedback can not be edited. For this reason, it is important to think before posting! Take a deep breath and be as clear as possible, and try to make sure that you're not jumping the gun to call someone a bad buyer or seller. Please read the feedback rules for more information on leaving feedback.

Helpful links:

How do I change the colour scheme?

Scroll down to the very bottom and click Color Options. This will bring up the colourways that are available; click the blocks to change them. More options may be added in the future.

Clicking the Styler button will bring up more options, including more background colours and patterns.

Where is my UserCP?

Clicking on your username in the upper righthand corner will bring up links to various options. Click on Personal Details to bring up the side menu with links to the other options.

'Subscriptions' are now called 'watched threads' and 'watched forums', and links to these are under the Forums tab in the main navigation bar. There is no longer a page that displays all subscriptions or watched content.

How do I turn off alerts?

You can turn off alerts by hovering over your username at the top right and choosing Alert Preferences. This page gives many options for choosing when you'd like to receive alerts.

Changing a preference is not retroactive. If you are already watching a thread or doll profile, you may still get alerts for it after you have updated your preference. If this happens, you will need to go back to the item and click 'unwatch' to prevent future alerts.

What are marketplace status flags?

You may notice that some members have marketplace-related banners under their names.

Being Paged is for members who have an unanswered Paging thread in Problem Transactions. This doesn't always indicate a problem, but do check the member's feedback before entering a transaction.

Unresolved Transactions means that someone is in the midst of resolving negative transactions. They cannot use Invisible Mode or edit their personal settings, and they cannot block conversations. They can access the Marketplace but cannot start new threads there.

Marketplace Ban indicates that the member has lost Marketplace privileges and cannot buy, sell, trade or take commissions on DoA. They do have access to the feedback forum.

If you are in a problematic transaction, please start a thread in Feedback – Problem Transactions.

How does following work?

Following a member adds their activity to your news feed. You can follow a member by clicking Follow on their member card or profile page.

The member you are following does not need to approve this and will not be following you unless they choose to. You cannot control who follows you.

How can I let non-members see my DoA profile?

Go to Privacy in the user menu that shows when you hover over your username on the upper right.

If you want your profile to be public, set 'View your details on your profile page:' to All Visitors.

If you want your profile to be private, set it to Members Only or People You Follow Only.

How do I mark a forum read?

To mark all forums read, go to Forums » Mark Forums Read.

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 8.16.19 PM.png

To mark one forum read, visit that forum and go to Forums » Mark Forums Read.

This time, a window will pop up with an option to mark that forum as read:

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 8.19.39 PM.png

Make your selection and click the Mark Forums Read button.

What is hotlinking and how do I avoid doing it?

If you post an image and the web address (URL) for that picture belongs to someone else, you are hotlinking. Hotlinking uses someone else’s bandwidth without their permission and may cost that person more money. It’s not good netiquette. We do not allow hotlinking. So how can you avoid it?

You can simply link to that image. Right-click the image you want to link to. Select View Image. Copy the URL for that image from your browser’s address field. Don’t use the Insert Image feature (that would be hotlinking). Just paste the URL into your post. Done.

You can save the image to your computer and upload it to your own hosting service, then post it. To do this:
  1. Right-click the image you want to save.
  2. Select Save Image.
  3. Proceed with the steps for posting a picture.

You’ll want to be careful not to violate the owner’s copyright. It is polite to secure permission before using any images that belong to others.

Mods edit hotlinked images so they appear only as links. If you routinely hotlink, you may receive a warning.

Where can I see a list of all the forums?

Click the Forums tab in the navigation.

Can I search my conversations?

You cannot search for keywords in conversations.

However, you can show messages sent or received by a specific member in the Conversation Display Options at the bottom of the conversations list.


How do I invite more people into a conversation?

If you are able to invite more participants into a conversation, there will be an Invite More link in the sidebar.


You can invite more people into conversations you have started, or in those where the conversation starter has ticked the box to allow it.


If you are starting a conversation and do not want the recipient(s) to invite others in, do not tick this option.

Can I make the layout wider to fit my big screen?

Yes, scroll down and look for an icon on the bottom left that shows two arrows. It will make the site content wider.


Is there a sitemap?

Yes, on the breadcrumbs bar on the upper right. It looks like a map marker.

Is there a desktop view for mobile devices?

If you are logged in, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Desktop Version button. Guests will not see this option.

How can I make the site easier to read?

Although it's not possible to change the way text displays on the entire site, it's possible to customize the display of post content.

Choose any thread, scroll down to the bottom and click the Styler button. There are options for typeface, text size, text background and text colour. Click the green tick symbol to save your choices.

Note these choices will only change the text in posts and conversations, so you need to be on a page that displays them in order to see any difference.

How do I report a conversation?

Go to the message you want to report and click the triangle icon with an exclamation point:


Why can't I see the styler on my phone?

Styling features are unavailable on mobile devices.

What is considered buying/selling/trading outside of the Marketplace?

The following things are disallowed when they are done publicly anywhere outside the marketplace:
  • asking if anyone is selling a specific item.
  • mentioning that your item is for sale or trade.
  • answering a "Where can I buy...?" question with your own sale.
  • asking members to sell items that are not listed for sale.
  • asking members to contact you if they decide to sell an item.
  • cross-posting images in the gallery and your sales thread at the same time.
  • soliciting commissions (even for free) outside of the Commissionable Services marketplace.
  • asking members if you may commission them.
  • asking members if there would be any interest in: a group order, a split, a custom manufactured head.
What is NOT considered buying/selling/trading outside of the Marketplace?
  • Signature links to marketplace threads or offsite sales.
  • Discussion-relevant links to online shops that aren't associated with you.
  • Mentioning in a meetup thread that you will bring items for sale; do not list prices or brands.
  • Mentioning that you will have a booth at an event; do not list prices or details.
You may not leave personal feedback on Den of Angels for items bought, sold or traded at a meetup or event.
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