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Fairyland released a limited line of heads called the Puki Multihead. These heads are not available for purchase on Fairyland site however you can purchase wigs from Fairyland. In theme with other Puki dolls, PukiPuki, pukiFee, and Realpuki these heads use the faceplate system.

The first two heads, Ante and Cupid, were offered when Fairyland first released the PukiFee doll. The Shiwoo head was offered as the 2010/2011 winter event head.

All of the sculpts were available in either Normal Skin or White Skin tone.


2009 Event Heads

2011 Event Head

Basic Heads


Eye size 8mm --

Shopping for the Multihead


This will depend on your body for your Multihead.


Multihead's wear around a size 4. Large 4's will fit them and small 4.5 will fit them as well.


Eye Size: 8mm to 10mm. 8mm is the perfered size, 10mm have no, or little, white showing. A variety of vendors stock 8mm and 10mm eyes.


Hybrid Compatibility

This head works with many bodies, however finding a close resin match may be difficult. Some bodies also may require some customization to work with the Multihead.

BlueFairy Pocket Fairy

BlueFairy Pocket Fairy bodies work.


This body makes a good match. Depending on resin batches the WS has been shown to match very closely.

Brownie body

This body works, and gives a decent NS match. Brownies are cast and sold by Mudoll. There is a tutorial on how to remove the neck mechanism. Tutorial for attaching Multihead to a Brownie body

DaisyDayes Centaur

DaisyDayes created a centaur body for the Multiheads.

Dollinian tinies

This body will work, but they are no longer in production. However the body is now used with the Little Miss dolls.

Doll Leaves DS Angel Body

This body will work, though in most cases their NS matches the Multihead WS.

Doll N Doll Clover

Doll N Doll purchased the rights to Serendipity dolls and now cast them as Doll N Doll Clover.

Felixdoll Small Comfort Baby

This body will work, giving the Multihead a childish look. The head/neck may need some customization to fit properly. Unfortunately Felixdolls are no longer cast and must be found second hand.

Orient Doll So

The Orient Doll So body seems to be a good size match but the resin may not match

PukiFee Body

Multihead works with the PukiFee body though the head may seem a little small.

PukiPuki Body

Multihead works with the Pukipuki body, though the head may seem a little large.

Serendipity Tiny Body

The smallest of the Serendipity bodies can work with the Multihead. Serendipity is no longer in business,. but Doll N Doll bought the rights to their sculpts.

Supia Doll Baby

This body works, but the resin doesn't match.

LatiDoll White SP

This body matches in size and NS resin tone.

Hujoo Baby

This body will hold a Multihead and comes in both NS and WS.

Off topic Bodies

  • Obitsu 20cm range of bodies work however due the fact the Obitsu are mature bodies the head looks a out of place.
  • Goodreau 5inch body works well for the Multihead, but they are no longer in production.
  • Little Miss 5 inch body works also for the Multihead. This body is the same as the Dollinian tinies.