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Dolly issues?

Jul 30, 2016

    1. I've posted something similar about this a while ago, but I haven't really gotten too much advice that fit my situation!

      So I got my first doll a pretty long time ago, like maybe 8 months ago. He's a Mystic Kids Francis, and I liked the sculpt, but I didn't.. Fall in love with it, (don't get me wrong. I think he's adorable!) yet I still bought him. I made a character that fit him and everything, and I drew him over and over and made a huge story map and everything to organize his backstory and all of that good stuff. When he came, I was pretty excited, as I had waited quite a while for him to arrive. I almost immidiately got to work on him, giving him his first faceup and buying a new set of eyes for him and a wig that suited his character. I also made a lot of clothes for him and bought him a pretty expensive pair of boots as well. Yet.... I've never felt really bonded with him. In fact, his character actually kind of depressed me. I got rid of the character and wiped his faceup and took all of his clothes off, then stored him away.

      I kind of left him alone for a while, and didn't really want to think about the hobby all too much, before I couldn't stand it and immidiately got back on DOA and browsed the dolls. I've loved so many gorgeous sculpts for so long, and I also have been saving up for a larger doll. But I'm just worried that I won't bond with him either and it honestly breaks my heart! :...( I've recently got my boy out again and tried to fix him up. Like rename him and everything. I still don't have a very close relationship with him, and I'm starting to lose hope. I've also been attempting to make up a new character for a new doll that I've had my eyes on, (dikadoll Galois), but every character just isn't working. Plus, I don't want to shell any of my old characters that I made a while ago... And I don't know what to do.

      Apologies if this is a bit confusing! I'm just extremely stressed about this so my wording may not make too much sense. :XD: Anyways, has this happened to anyone before? I need some inspiration!
    2. It happens! Sometimes a sculpt doesn't work for a character, or you just aren't feeling it anymore, or your tastes change. I think the #1 thing to remember is that this hobby is for your enjoyment, and if you're not enjoying yourself anymore, there's no harm at all in selling your doll and getting another that you like more, or scrapping your character, or anything you want!

      Personally, unless I absolutely fall in love with a sculpt, I have a hard time bonding. If I "settle" or just like a sculpt, I usually end up selling it later. It's just how I am. Everyone collects differently and bonds differently.

      I definitely recommend browsing Flickr, the galleries here, Instagram, everywhere, and checking out all companies, even ones you never heard of before. Go for a doll that you really feel strongly about, and can't stop thinking about. It might take a while to find the right one, and it might be expensive or hard to find, but it's totally worth the wait/expense! And it might not be expensive or hard to find. :) Sometimes the perfect sculpt pops up and it's not difficult at all.

      Good luck! I hope that helped a little!
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    3. Ah thank you so much!!! I'll keep what you said in mind. Your advice definitely helped!! :3nodding:
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    4. One possible reason your struggle with this doll didn't get as much attention as you hoped for -- there are already many, many threads discussing the whole constellation of issues around "bonding" and whether or not to keep trying to connect with a particular doll. This is just a tiny handful that I found with a quick search -- maybe they will give you ideas and reassurance as you make your decisions about your doll!

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    5. This is pretty common. I've been in the hobby for almost 9 years, and while I have my main crew that I adore, I do have a few that I'm really struggling with. Sometimes, the character needs a full rewrite, sometimes a few changes are good, sometimes you can keep the character and have them overcome their problems and become a stronger, happier character. Sometimes the character is good, but the doll doesn't fit right. Sometimes the faceup or wig is wrong, or the posing is too frustrating to enjoy or the sculpt just isn't quite right. In my time in the hobby, I have literally owned over 100 different head sculpt. I have 16 full dolls home right now, one head and three dolls on the way. And I'm not sure how many of them will stay around.

      Tastes change, and even if you know 100% what you want, sometimes a doll just isn't what you expected. It's totally okay to sell a doll you don't love and move on. It doesn't mean you'll never love a different doll. Sometimes, it just takes a few tries to get it right.
    6. Thank you so much!!!! I'll take a look :)

      This helped a lot :) thank you so much. And I wish you the best with the dolls you're struggling with!
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    7. Bonding issues! Sorry for lack of clarification..
    8. I had no problems with my first doll, I adore her still. The second one seemed fine at first, but after I got a few more and time went by I realized she really was't working for me. I renamed her and tried different eyes, and nothing really worked. I've decided to let her go. If a doll doesn't work for you, you can let them go on to new home and look for one that you like better.
    9. You're welcome =^_^=