BJDs Under $300!

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BJDs Under $300!

If you're new to the hobby, you may have done a double-take at the steep prices and thought, "That's a ludicrous amount of money for one doll!" Some newbies look to the more inexpensive side of things to ease into the hobby, while other collectors find that their next doll might not cost an arm and a leg like the hobby demands. Regardless to how some doll owners translate the word "inexpensive" to "cheap," (which implies that these dolls are sub-par to their own limited editions) may be true for some, but not others. Many, many owners find that the quality of less expensive dolls is just as great as those with a much higher price tag.

That is why this list is here: so you can search for your grail doll without hurting your wallet! Dolls are sorted by size for your convenience.

Prices below include only the nude doll with no face-up***

65-70cm Dolls [Hound Size]

50-64cm Dolls (1/3)

40-50cm dolls (1/4 size)

20cm-30cm dolls (1/6 size)

16cm (1/12 size)

List is not yet complete!