1. It has come to the attention of forum staff that Dollshe Craft has ceased communications with dealers and customers, has failed to provide promised refunds for the excessive waits, and now has wait times surpassing 5 years in some cases. Forum staff are also concerned as there are claims being put forth that Dollshe plans to close down their doll making company. Due to the instability of the company, the lack of communication, the lack of promised refunds, and the wait times now surpassing 5 years, we strongly urge members to research the current state of this company very carefully and thoroughly before deciding to place an order. For more information please see the Dollshe waiting room. Do not assume this cannot happen to you or that your order will be different.
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  2. Dollshe Craft and all dolls created by Dollshe, including any dolls created under his new or future companies, including Club Coco BJD are now banned from Den of Angels. Dollshe and the sculptor may not advertise his products on this forum. Sales may not be discussed, no news threads may be posted regarding new releases. This ban does not impact any dolls by Dollshe ordered by November 8, 2023. Any dolls ordered after November 8, 2023, regardless of the date the sculpt was released, are banned from this forum as are any dolls released under his new or future companies including but not limited to Club Coco BJD. This ban does not apply to other company dolls cast by Dollshe as part of a casting agreement between him and the actual sculpt or company and those dolls may still be discussed on the forum. Please come to Ask the Moderators if you have any questions.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add pages to my tutorial?

1. Create your tutorial with the first page of content and save it. You can save it as a draft if you prefer, just remember to make it public once you're all finished.

2. Click Multi Page Tutorial Management from the Tutorial Tools dropdown menu.
Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 8.13.08 PM.png

3. Click the Create New Tutorial Page button on the top.
Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 8.14.48 PM.png

4. Fill out the title and content of the page. Optionally, you may give a shorter title that will show up in the navigation.

5. Set the display order to choose the order in which the pages will appear. The depth setting is optional; it adds indentation which can be useful to show hierarchy if you have multiple sections of pages.

6. Choose whether to save the page as a draft or as a visible public page, then save it by clicking the Create Tutorial Page button.

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 8.19.55 PM.png

How do I create a tutorial?

1. First, click the Create Tutorial button at the top:

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 7.56.39 PM.png

2. Choose a category and click Continue...
Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 7.58.10 PM.png

3. Fill out the fields for the title and tutorial. Optionally, you can enter a brief summary of your tutorial in the Tutorial Snippet Preview field. Some categories also have optional ticky boxes for information like size or construction.

4. Click the Upload Image button to add a thumbnail for your tutorial. You can upload an image from your computer or mobile device.
Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 8.01.20 PM.png

5. Choose when to publish your tutorial. You can save your tutorial as a draft to edit later, or you can publish it now, or you can schedule it for a future date.

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 8.03.05 PM.png

6. Click Save Changes to finish the tutorial.
Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 8.09.20 PM.png

Need to add more pages? Learn how!

Why is my post count changing?

You may notice that your post count does not always go steadily upwards. This happens for a few reasons.

First, there are certain areas of the forum where posts do not count toward your total post count (i.e. Games, Introductions, Newbieland). No matter how much you post there, your post count will not increase.

Next, there are areas that are routinely pruned. For example, the Marketplace is frequently purged of sold items, threads are removed from the galleries occasionally when the image links no longer work, and threads are deleted from Doll Arrivals! after three months of inactivity.

If you already have marketplace access, and are an active member, dipping below the required number of posts will not affect your access level. The only way that you can lose access is if an administrator changes it manually.

What is two-step verification?

Go to User Personal Details in your user menu, which is the menu you see when you hover over your username at the top right of the site. Two-step Verification is an option under Settings in the lefthand menu.

As it says:
Two-step verification increases the security of your account by requiring you to provide an additional code to complete the login process. If your password is ever compromised, this verification will help prevent unauthorized access to your account.

Here's some general information about two-factor authentication (2FA).

If you usually access DoA from a private computer or your own mobile device, this is a good way to make your account more secure. Someone who logs in from a different computer/device will be prompted for a code, even if they know your password. You can set it so that a computer/device is trusted for 30 days, at which point you will need to generate a new code.

This is not a good choice if you use a shared or public computer to access DoA.

If you'd like to enable two-step verification, you can have the code sent to your phone if you install an app such as Authy or Google Authenticator. This is the more secure option, but if you prefer, you can have the code sent to your registered email address – check your spam folder if you don't see it. You will have 15 minutes to enter the code on DoA.

What to do if you need to access your account from an untrusted computer/device
When you verify your account you will get a list of backup codes. At some point, you may need to access your DoA account from an untrusted device that you don't want to verify. You can use a backup code to access DoA. You may want to write the codes on paper and put them somewhere safe. Each code can only be used once.

If you cannot access your DoA account for any reason, email us at [email protected].

How do I search within a thread?

Go to the thread you want to search and click the search icon.

Enter your search terms and tick the option for 'Search this thread only', then click the Search button.
Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 11.58.40 PM.png

Where do I post...?

Before posting, please use the Search to make sure that your question has not been answered already. We encourage members to bump old threads rather than starting duplicates.

Some common questions

  • Where should I post to ask what sculpt I should choose for my original character?
    Threads about choosing a doll go in Visual Concepts.
  • Where can I ask for feedback about a particular company?
    We have a whole area for company reviews! Please do a quick search to see if the company you're looking for has a feedback thread.
  • I want to see pictures of a particular sculpt.
    Check out the BJD database to see how other members have customized their dolls. If you'd like to see more, or you'd like to see a particular combination of dolls or accessories, do a search in Photo Reference. If your request isn't there, make a new thread to ask.
  • I want to buy or sell a doll.
    If you have met the marketplace access requirements, you can buy and sell dolls in our extensive Marketplace. If you have not yet met these requirements, you may not solicit or engage in any transactions anywhere on Den of Angels. Advertising or soliciting sales outside of the Marketplace may lead to disciplinary action.
  • I'm sculpting a doll and I want to share my progress.
    If you want to talk about doll making or share your in-progress work, visit the Making a BJD forum.

How do I add a spoiler to a post?

Highlight the text you want to hide and click the icon above the editing box that looks like a +. Choose Spoiler from the dropdown menu.

Why was my post deleted?

There are several reasons why your post may have been deleted:

  • You posted chat in a non-chat area. The News forum and BJD Databases are information only, rather than chat-based. Discussion of doll events goes in Conventions and Events, and discussion of new releases belongs in the appropriate size-specific discussion area.The BJD Databases are for posting pictures and profiles of your dolls; all profiles must contain pictures.

  • Your post was off-topic. Posts that have nothing to do with ball-jointed dolls will be deleted.

  • Your post was inappropriate. Flaming and flamebaiting are not tolerated. Additionally, we do not allow posting of adult material.

If your post is deleted, please do not assume that you are "in trouble." If there is a problem, you will be notified by a moderator.

If this does not answer your question, or if you have a specific instance of a post removal that you have questions about, please post in Ask the Moderators.

What does a Dealer Caution flag mean?

If the "Dealer Caution" flag appears under a member's username, it means that they are a company rep or dealer who has a resolution thread in the Company Reviews subforum. Creation of these resolution threads is generally reserved for serious situations where a group of customers are unable to receive the products or services for which they have paid. We recommend reviewing the link in the member's dropdown before placing an order with that dealer. Den of Angels is not responsible for any transactions that happen on or off of DoA.

What is a convo?

A 'convo' is just a shorter term for conversation. It can be a noun or a verb.

How can I meet people?

Meeting People

To find other local doll owners, check Meetups to see if there are any meetups happening in your area. This section is only visible to registered users.

Another great way to meet people is to simply comment on their gallery posts and respond in conversation. Contact someone you'd like to get to know better!

I am having a bad Marketplace transaction – What can I do?

Most of our members are honest, nice people. However, occasionally we do have problems with scammers or members who are acting irresponsibly. For legal reasons, the moderators cannot become involved in Marketplace transactions.

However, you as a member can take several steps to take the situation into your own hands. The first thing to do is contact the buyer or seller with whom you are having a problem. If you cannot resolve the problem or the other member does not respond to your Conversation within a reasonable amount of time, post a thread in the Problem Transactions subforum. Detail your situation, and invite the other person to dialogue with you publicly.

If it is an especially serious situation, post in Ask the Moderators with a link to your thread so that we can monitor the situation and determine if the other member should have any of their forum or Marketplace privileges removed.

Before you enter into a transaction, it is best to check the Feedback forum to find out the reputation of the person you're dealing with. Some other red flags to mind are if the member has a "Being Paged!" or "Marketplace Banned!" notice under their avatar.

Please keep in mind that once posted, feedback can not be edited. For this reason, it is important to think before posting! Take a deep breath and be as clear as possible, and try to make sure that you're not jumping the gun to call someone a bad buyer or seller. Please read the feedback rules for more information on leaving feedback.

Helpful links:

How do I post in the doll marketplace?

Using the Dolls Marketplace

There are a few differences between using the Dolls Marketplace and using other Marketplace areas. If you cannot find an answer to your question below, please post your question in Ask the Moderators.

How many items can I sell in one thread?
You may sell one item in each thread.

How many threads can I make?
There is no limit.

Can I edit the thread by going back to the form?
No, the form can only be used when you create the thread.

I'm not sure which year my doll was made, what should I write?
If you are not sure what year your doll was produced, you may leave this field blank and the form will still work. You can also write "unknown."

I use a different currency than USD. What can I do?
USD is the default currency used because the majority of sellers use this. You may edit the thread to use your country's currency, but you must make it you make it clear that the price is in a currency other than USD.

How do I edit my thread?
To edit the title or prefix of your thread, click Edit Thread in the Thread Tools menu. You can also click the Edit button at the bottom of the post to edit its content.

I don't like the format the form makes. Can I change it?
You can add more information and extra pictures. You cannot remove information.

If you remove information, your thread may be deleted.
If you see a thread that has important information removed, please report it by clicking the "Report" button at the bottom of the post. (This is a triangle with an ! in the middle.)

I don't have pictures of my item. Can I post a sale thread?
No, you must have at least one clear image of your item in its current condition. It must be a current picture of your item, not a company photo. If you are selling a full doll, you must include at least one full body shot of the complete nude doll.

Who can help me?

Most problems with your account will need to be handled by forum staff. Please post in the private Ask the Moderators area rather than making an open post about account-related issues. This includes:
  • questions about rules and forum use
  • account and registration problems
  • forum access issues
  • problems with other members (harassment, Marketplace issues)
  • moving/merging/deleting threads and posts
  • removing polls from threads

Questions posted in Ask the Moderators can only be read by you and Den of Angels staff. A moderator will answer your question as soon as possible.

Moderators can be identified by the banner displayed beneath their names.

Active Moderators (also known as Seraphim and Cherubim) can help in Ask the Moderators.

Inactive Moderators help with daily maintenance, participate in staff discussions, and help implement rule changes and forum design. However, they do not help with member problems or actively moderate discussion threads. Please do not contact inactive moderators about issues that do not relate personally to them.

In general, it is best to post in the Ask the Moderators subforum for quicker assistance.

How do I ignore someone?

In the user menu that shows up when you hover over your username in the upper right corner, there is a link to People You Ignore in the righthand column. You can add names there.

How can I keep people from seeing what I'm doing online?

Go to Privacy in the user menu that shows when you hover over your username on the upper right.

Untick the box for Show your current activity.

You will still be able to see your activity, but it will be private so that other people can't see it.

How do I cancel my inbox upgrade?

Inbox upgrades are recurring, which means you will be billed for them every year unless you cancel. To do this, you will need to cancel the recurring subscription in your Paypal account.

This will not affect your current year of upgrades, it just means that your upgrade will not auto-renew after a year.

What should I do if I forget my password?

If you've forgotten your password for Den of Angels, go to the login screen and click the small link for 'Forgot your password?'


It will bring up a popup to enter your email address. Enter the address you used when you first signed up on Den of Angels.


Instructions for resetting your password will be mailed to you. If this doesn't work, please email us at [email protected].

How do replies and quoting work?

To quote a single post, highlight the text you want to quote and click reply.


You can also use the reply button to quote the entire post.


To quote multiple posts, you can highlight the text of a post and click the + Quote button.


Or you can use the Toggle Multi-Quote button:


Once you've added all the posts you want to quote, click the Add Quotes button under the reply box:


You will have a chance to reorder the quotes if needed before you insert them into your post.

What is hotlinking and how do I avoid doing it?

If you post an image and the web address (URL) for that picture belongs to someone else, you are hotlinking. Hotlinking uses someone else’s bandwidth without their permission and may cost that person more money. It’s not good netiquette. We do not allow hotlinking. So how can you avoid it?

You can simply link to that image. Right-click the image you want to link to. Select View Image. Copy the URL for that image from your browser’s address field. Don’t use the Insert Image feature (that would be hotlinking). Just paste the URL into your post. Done.

You can save the image to your computer and upload it to your own hosting service, then post it. To do this:
  1. Right-click the image you want to save.
  2. Select Save Image.
  3. Proceed with the steps for posting a picture.

You’ll want to be careful not to violate the owner’s copyright. It is polite to secure permission before using any images that belong to others.

Mods edit hotlinked images so they appear only as links. If you routinely hotlink, you may receive a warning.
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