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(Non-resin dolls)
(Dolls whose bodies do not meet the jointing requirements)
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* [[Nympheas Dolls]] Tit'Mûre (no elbow/wrist/knee joints)
* [[Nympheas Dolls]] Tit'Mûre (no elbow/wrist/knee joints)
* [[Only-Doll]] Meme (no elbow/wrist/knee joints)
* [[Only-Doll]] Meme (no elbow/wrist/knee joints)
* [[Pipos doll]] Animi line (no wrist/knee joints)
* [[Pipos doll]] Animi/Enfant line (no wrist/knee joints)
* [[Pipos doll]] event egg (no shoulder/elbow/wrist/knee joints)
* [[Pipos doll]] event egg (no shoulder/elbow/wrist/knee joints)
* Plumedoll Magua/Mashu (mermaid tail has no joints)
* Plumedoll Magua/Mashu (mermaid tail has no joints)

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Den of Angels is dedicated to the discussion of resin ball-jointed dolls. A doll's suitability for Den of Angels is determined based on several criteria points. This is not a comprehensive list of the dolls that are off topic, but these are some dolls that have caused some confusion.

Non-resin dolls

The following dolls are off topic due to being made of plastic, porcelain, silicon or another material:

  • 3D-printed plastic dolls (including EveTheCat 3d-printed dolls)
  • Angel Egg Dolls by Marmite Sue (moonglass/porcelain; resin dolls may be on topic)
  • Azone International vinyl dolls with rooted hair and painted features (some Azone lines are grandfathered)
  • Azone Kikipop (ABS plastic)
  • Barbie, Bratz, Moxie Girlz, Monster High, etc.
  • Blythe, Jenny & Licca
  • Custom House/AI vinyl dolls (resin dolls may be on topic)
  • Danny Choo Smartdoll Mirai and others (internal skeleton, not strung)
  • Doll In Mind vinyl dolls (resin dolls may be on topic)
  • Dollmore ABS/PVC dolls, including non-resin dolls in the FMD, Basic Gem, Kidult and Cute lines (resin dolls may be on topic)
  • Enchanted Doll (porcelain)
  • EVA dolls EVA BJD (vinyl, not strung)
  • Gene, Tyler, Horsman Urban Vita, Fashion Royalty, Cygirls
  • Granado Vindoll line (vinyl with internal skeleton) The resin dolls are on topic
  • Hujoo ABS plastic dolls (resin dolls may be on topic)
  • InMotion Strawberina dolls (ABS plastic)
  • JerryBerry dolls (plastic body)
  • Kilig Dolls - Plastic/vinyl dolls, hinged joints; not tension-strung
  • Linda Macario (porcelain; resin dolls may be on topic)
  • Little Cho Little Cho dolls (bodies are not resin; painted eyes)
  • Mattel Teen Trends
  • Mooqla
  • Obitsu 1/6 plastic/vinyl dolls
  • Papermoon Chii (not resin, not ball-jointed)
  • Parabox Otohime Collection (PVC, not strung)
  • Pipos doll Mariko (not resin)
  • Pullip, Dal, Taeyang, Namu, Byul, Isul, Hestia, J-dolls and Ai Dolls
  • Silicone babies, polymer figurines, action figures, figure kits, gachapon, etc.
  • Soom Lila (plastic)
  • Volks 1/6 plastic/vinyl dolls
  • Volks Customize Figure kits (plastic parts, not strung)
  • Walloya Morring animal dolls (polyamide)
  • Momoko, & Momoko collaboration Unoa Lights (resin Unoa Lights are on topic)

Dolls that are not professionally cast

Dolls whose bodies do not meet the jointing requirements

  • Aileen Doll baby/pico dragons (no knee joints)
  • Aileen Doll/Hujoo pets/familiars (no knee joints)
  • Aimerai Enfield Horror, Michigan Dogman (no neck/elbow/wrist joints)
  • Aimerai Mr. Snowman (no elbow/wrist joints)
  • Aimerai Yeti, Michigan Dogman, Jersey Devil(no neck/wrist joints)
  • Angelsdoll Iseul Cat Avatar (non-functional joints)
  • Angell-Studio Charlie/Meng Meng (no knee joints)
  • Angell-Studio Mimino & Abu (no elbow/wrist/knee joints)
  • ApoDoll Hamanor (no wrist joints)
  • Asleep Eidolon PongPong panda (no knee joints)
  • Black Box Anubis (no wrist joints)
  • Blackbox Mr Medjed (no knee joints)
  • Bambola World Blanky (no knee joints)
  • Bobobie Yue (no elbow/wrist/knee joints)
  • Camellia Dynasty Mokona (no arm joints)
  • Charles Creature Cabinet Boneka Kayu (no elbow/wrist/knee joints)
  • Charles Creature Cabinet Woodlings Baby Fauns (no wrist joints)
  • Cocoriang Tobi (no wrist joints)
  • Cocoriang Mocka (No elbow joints)
  • Cocoriang Cheeryia (No wrist joints)
  • Cocoriang Tobi/King Tobi (No wrist joints)
  • Conarium Hare Rabbit (no elbow/knee joints)
  • Dear Mine Gorgi (no knee joints)
  • Doll Chateau Beatrice/Nehemie (no wrist joints)
  • Doll Chateau Carol/Letitia (no wrist joints)
  • Doll Chateau Diana (no wrist joints)
  • Doll Chateau Hugin/Munin (no wrist/elbow/shoulder joints)
  • Doll Chateau Jakov/Andre (no wrist joints)
  • Doll Chateau Larry (no wrist joints)
  • Doll Chateau Sleepy (No wrist joints)
  • Doll Chateau Snowman (no wrist joints)
  • Doll Chateau William (no shoulder/elbow/wrist/knee joints)
  • Doll Family Pet Dolls - no knee joints (Pet Dolls with jointed knees may be on topic)
  • Doll Family - A Bobo (Not enough jointing)
  • Doll Family - A DuoDuo (lacking wrist joints)
  • Dollmore Dummy (no wrist/elbow/knee joints, also has painted eyes)
  • Dollzone Big Brother/Miss Jia (no wrist/knee joints)
  • Dollzone 2009 Christmas babies (no wrist joints)
  • Dollzone Death (no wrist joints)
  • Dollzone Egg (no knee joints)
  • Dollzone Fa/Mi/Re/Do on the small body (no elbow/wrist/knee joints)
  • Dollzone Heavy Rain (no elbow/wrist/knee joints)
  • Dollzone Hermit (no wrist joints)
  • Dollzone Luoluo (no wrist joints)
  • DollZone Shanhu (no wrist joints)
  • DollZone Lumu (no arm joints)
  • Dream High Studio Sylph (pin-and-hinge joints)
  • Dream Valley Peanut (no hip/knee joints)
  • Elfdoll Baby Alice/Ian piglet (no wrist joints)
  • Elfdoll Idex bunny (no elbow/wrist/knee joints)
  • Gem of Doll Squirrel (no neck/elbow/wrist/hip/knee joints)
  • Heisejinyao Ziyulinglong Roro line (no elbow/wrist/knee joints)
  • Herrendoll Bambola (no knee joints)
  • Leekeworld Kindergarten line (no elbow/knee joints)
  • Little Monica Muse Harmony line – magnetic version (not ball-jointed)
  • Loongsoul non-jointed pegasus body (no joints)
  • Loongsoul Doll Qiqi (no knee joints)
  • Luts Minimee Zuzu Delf (no hip/knee joints)
  • Luts Tiny Delf Fairies Hansel and Gretel (no wrist joints)
  • Luts Zuzu Delf Kong line
  • Mewiefish Little Radish (no wrist joints)
  • Miracledoll Star Dragon (no elbow joints)
  • Movingdoll Piggy Chucha (no knee or neck jointing)
  • The Mushroom Peddler Buglings (no elbow/wrist/knee joints)
  • The Mushroom Peddler Itty-Bitty Wonderlings (no knee joints)
  • Movingdoll Piggy Chucha (no leg jointing-Knees or hips)
  • MyDolling MJ Koo (no wrist joints)
  • Notdoll Lab/Aeyork Just Venus, Aka Bomb (no knee joints)
  • Nympheas Dolls Tit'Mûre (no elbow/wrist/knee joints)
  • Only-Doll Meme (no elbow/wrist/knee joints)
  • Pipos doll Animi/Enfant line (no wrist/knee joints)
  • Pipos doll event egg (no shoulder/elbow/wrist/knee joints)
  • Plumedoll Magua/Mashu (mermaid tail has no joints)
  • Ringdoll Fat Peanut (no elbow/wrist/knee joints; painted eyes)
  • Sakura & Paper Pets (no elbow/wrist/knee joints)
  • Simply Divine Stinesculpture Frozen Charlotte and West Nile Charlotte tiny bird skull version (no elbow/wrist/knee joints)
  • Sio2 Sheep (no knees)
  • Sio2 Kitty (no knees)
  • Spirit Doll Herber (no knee joints)
  • tam★tam by ozaru-cozaru/PetLovers (no elbow/wrist/knee joints)

Dolls whose eyes or hair do not meet the requirements

These dolls are off topic even if they have been modified to meet the requirements.

  • Cuarto Dolls Darkhorn (dragon) with paintable eyes (changeable-eyed version is on topic.)
  • Cuarto Dolls Polecat/Weasel (also weasel has no knee joints)
  • Cuarto Dolls Giraffe (also no knee joints)
  • Elfdoll Edward (mouse)
  • Enchanted Doll with painted eyes (Dolls with changeable eyes may be on topic.)
  • JAMIEshow with painted eyes (Dolls with changeable eyes may be on topic.)
  • JDJ S Series
  • Kinetics
  • Kingdomdoll
  • Little Monica Muse ANI201
  • Loongsoul Piggy-fish (Zhu Beibei)
  • Mini Ringdoll
  • MocaPinoRu
  • Popovy Sisters Bony, Blue Jay, Cherry, Cuckoo, Magpie (Painted eyes)
  • Ringdoll Comic Heads 1/2/3
  • Sybarites (Also, Generation X is not resin)
  • Violett & Gabby

Dolls that lack consistent proportion, stylization or anatomical detail, or that are not suitable for nude display

  • Bambola World Daisy
  • Beju dolls
  • Bergemann Dolls Sugar Babies
  • Candy Dream Dolls
  • Cocoriang COPO line
  • Doll Family H MiaoMiao
  • Doll in Paris
  • Dollmore Lukia
  • Ellowyne Wilde
  • Evangeline Ghastly
  • Forever Virginia dolls (Marigold is on topic, as well as any retired "Child" sculpts that may be re-released on the Marigold body in the future)
  • Jakzjewels Casimira
  • Leekeworld Little Bird doll with bird body (human body is on topic)
  • Magical Angel Iris
  • Mimo_Marina Dolls Oscar
  • Nihilum Dolls faceless heads (heads with open eyes may be on topic)
  • Phyn & Aero dolls
  • Plumedoll Pet Monkey King Kiki
  • RnD Angels/Mensajero Dolls
  • Tendres de Chimère Bullet, Kroosty, Purrity
  • Tonner Lady G
  • Wilde Imagination Mouette/Bella/Valentine/Crumpet


We consider the following items to be props because they are minimally jointed and do not have jointed arms or legs. They are off topic, but can be sold in the Marketplace as props.

Banned Dolls

For a list of banned dolls/bootlegs, please read banned dolls.